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Vlog 5 – How to Kill a $2000 Drone !

Vlog 5 – How to Kill a $2000 Drone ! It’s about Travel, Hair, and Flying Cameras. In 4k (of course)! Possibly the silliest Vlog so far . But what can I tell you. My mum is a hair Stylist (and my sister too) so … well anyways I had the MOST fun making this little film, I think its my most diverse edit yet, please leave a comment if you like it, and of course DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!! Please watch my other Vlogs Thanks to the guest stars – Nick ‘Zippy’ Teague, James and Jake, Antonina, Lua, anyone else who was caught in the crosshairs of these various cameras in Asia or the UK! I went thriough ‘the change’ during the making of this film, switching from HD to 4K so you will see the older HD footage upscaled to glorious 3840 x 2160. Thanks as always for watching, until next time!

Here is Zippys Channel :…
Casey as always Inspires me endlessly :…

Vlog 4: Return to Harperspace 4K (featuring Nick Harper)

Vlog 4 is up! I assembled an A team of superstars for this one! Sit yourself down with a cuppa tea and some biscuits – it’s 9 minutes of BRAND NEW MUSIC 😝 Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE 💕

It’s the 10 year anniversary of the epic 2007 collaboration with Nick Harper – that feature-length documentary ‘Love is Music’! So.. to mark the occasion I returned to the studio in Wiltshire with my camera and caught up with Nick & the Wilderness Kids (aka Port Erin) whilst they prepared for the release of a new CD ‘Lies! Lies! Lies!’. What happened in those 24 hours is the story for VLOG 4 😁

It’s a sheer joy to count myself amongst Nick’s collaborators and I really recommend that you check out the forthcoming album and tour dates (below) , hopefully with YOUR help this little film will help to spread the word! Please check out other Nick Harper videos right here on this channel, along with previously posted videos. Episode 5 will be coming soon!

Please subscribe, and share- or go for a thumbs up! Thanks to all involved – Nick, Reuben, Jacob, Isaac, Fal, Tiina 2 i’s 2 ski poles in the snow, Tank. Here’s some info about Nick & The Kids:

After leaving a streak of rip-roaring, celebratory shows in 2016, road-testing his back catalogue of 12 albums, Nick Harper & The Wilderness Kids are back with a new album Lies! Lies! Lies! and UK tour for 2017.

Amidst a backdrop of flags being changed and mottos applied, “350 million reasons why, written on the side of the bus”, sees Nick and The Kids nailing their colours to the mast and ready to roll.

The album was recorded in Studio La Fabrique, France (Radiohead- Moon Shaped Pool, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-Push the Sky Away) with the legendary producer Tchad Blake (The Black Keys, Pearl Jam, T-Bone, Peter Gabriel). Blake brings his masterful touch to the unceasingly creative cauldron of Nick, his songs and now, his band.

Fans can grab first copies of the upcoming album at the gigs on CD or LP from November 24th, in the commercial hubris of Black Friday. Initial pressings can be snatched up on the Lies! Lies! Lies! tour with a general UK release on December 8th.

Vlog 4 featured:
Nick Harper
Isaac Phillips
Reuben Tyghe
Jacob Tyghe
Mike Last
Tiina Korhonen
Steve ‘Tank’ Cripps

Music by Nick Harper & the Wilderness Kids ©2017 sangraal:
Nobody loves You
Black Friday
Magic Money Tree
Dark Forces
Global Nation

Nick – +…
Me – +
Fal –
The Kids –

Lies! Lies! Lies! tour 2017 (updated links 6/11)…

Thu 23: The Queens Head, Box…
Fri 24: The Crofters Rights, Bristol…
Wed 29: The Prince Albert , Stroud…
Thu 30: Telford’s Warehouse, Chester…

Fri 1: The Magnet Liverpool…
Sat 2: Small Seeds, Huddersfield…
Sun 3: The Greystones, Sheffield


Thu 7: The Musician Pub, Leicester…
Fri 8: The New Adelphi Club, Hull…
Sat 9: The Hug and Pint, Glasgow…
Sun 10: The Cluny, Newcastle…
Thu 14: Hare & Hounds Kings Heath, Birmingham…
Fri 15: Surya, London…
Sat 16: Club Thirty8, Marlborough…

Vlog 3 – My Story 😍

Vlog 3- My Story. The unique journey that brought me to YouTube. It’s about travel, family, music, and video. Please subscribe here

I’m addicted to life through the lens, it’s a type of meditation. Now in 2017 i’m gunna post it all.
For all the characters in this story, love you guys 💕

GREEN DAZE AUDIONAUTIX (Green Daze by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

Thanks again to Casey Neistat for relentless inspiration. All the characters in this story, love you guys 💕


From Koh Phangan, Thailand February 2017 (posted May 1st) A bit about me & my obsessive journalism and a bit of Niko & other assorted characters from Koh Phangan’s eclectic music scene. Includes one of those incredible sunsets, captured across the Gulf of Thailand from the Mavic drone in a single 2m 28s shot.

Music –
Far The Days Come by Letter Box
Fingers by Otis McDonald
Solo Cello Passion by Doug Maxwell/Media Right Producers
Seeger by John Deley and the 41 Players

Features: Niko, Stephen, Ghada, Na Naida, Douglas, Jenya, Robert, Rachel, Michal, Antonina. I recorded the vlog entries on February 7th two days after we all went on that hike in the morning – and Haadson Koh Raham was the week before.

My home in 4k

Crazy 4k Wild West Jungle Island Coast – Sri Thanu in Koh Phangan

Island town jungle coast. Everybody is in this but too small to see 🙈 exception Ignacio and the circus of pirates. Click for Higher Resolution. Home for hippies, built on crystals, yes folks it’s Koh Phangan, specifically SriThanu on the magical mystical west coast of the island seen from the sky in 4k. It’s only 5 shots and 3 minutes, using DJI Mavic 21st Jan 2017, learning to fly. Also Mojo II & FCP X. Thanks for watching, please subscribe ❤️ Click HD 2160 for 4k if your connection is fast 😀

Koh Phangan Back to the Future Vlog 1

Here’s that little film about my eccentric grandad Ken who passed away in 2010; and my beautiful granny Nina who left us in December 2016. 15 minutes of your time is a big ask on the wordwidewibblyweb where everything moves so quickly but I emphatically invite you to watch.

It was a remarkable and beautiful generation of human beings born in the early part of the 20th century- if Ken was alive now he would have just celebrated his 100th birthday, so it’s a kind of multiple significance for this moment in 2017. It marks my return to film making, at least in the sense that i am doing it for love and passion and for the creativity, not for a music project but to find my contemporary voice as a story teller. Nina has been so much in my mind lately so it was amazing to share this extra time with her. Blessed I am now, to share this time and video with you. Subtitles are for my non-english friends 🙂

Thanks to Su who was part of the family on that day 26th November 2003 when we captured this moment. It is from a home video that this short film is compiled- Ken was 86 then, the same age as Nina when she passed. Thanks also to my friend Hamsa for infinite reasons that helped guide me towards this new expression, and Casey Neistat.

It’s the first in a new collection of YouTube videos, which I hope will chronicle my weird and colourful experiences past, present and future. If you watch, please feel free to share, and I would love if you leave a comment and / or subscribe to my YouTube channel here and ‘like’ the facebook page here Most of my ‘crafty productions’ back catalogue is also there on the channel. Oh- apologies for the Lo-Fi old video tape footage, contrasting with the crisp shiny digital vlog sharing the same timeline! Thanks so much for stopping by 😃 Peace & love as always ❤️

Dedicated to my mum x

I need YOU!

Message to ALL my Facebook and YouTube friends! PLEASE READ 😍  I need your support for my youtube channel and please please click the big subscribe button! Or this link should subscribe you:

This is NOT for commercial or business reasons, it’s art. I found my creative voice again, I am returning to making short films but this time- for fun, for thrills, to create, to explore, to connect, to reach out, to be a storyteller, good reasons! I will shortly post the first from a series of short films, hopefully they will tickle you in some small way, and I hope they might be curious and interesting to you – like they were for me to produce and shoot. About life here in South East Asia. About life back there in England. About family. About love. About yoga. About people. About my friends. About places. About change, evolution, reversing the aging process. My thoughts and philosophies. The world around and about. Why I have so much energy, passion, and happiness.

I am going to make films about all these things, and the first of them is a 15 minute Op-Doc, its an introduction from me about why i’m doing what i’m doing, and a time-stamped memory from a beautiful day captured on video 13 years ago with my granny & grandad, who are now in a different place. Its finished. It’s ready.

But first I am reaching out to all you beautiful friends to subscribe to my channel. You can watch the back catalogue of music video already uploaded but really I just would LOVE to have your support for my new projects because – well I am just so excited to share this stuff. I used to make these long-form music documentaries and while they look a little old to me now – there’s still some neat work- Nick Harper, Ten to Never, Melody Shaiken. But now It really feels that I found a new voice- my voice. I currently have 64 subscribers, of course if only one person is inspired by tuning in then that is just a blessing. But my aim, my dream is to have 500 subscribers, PLEASE HELP! (You can even mute the channel feed / new emails so you never hear a peep from me afterwards) 😁


Oh and P.S. if you fancy to maybe you can also ‘like’ my Mike Last artist page here on facebook – it is for this new video channel 😘

Melody Shaiken – New Talent!

Hey you beautiful people, check out this amazingly talented, fun, beautiful and awesome hippy artist chick BFF MELODY SHAIKEN – we had such fun doing this song.

This is Melody. Melody is brand new. She didn’t show her songs to anyone before, except a few lucky friends like me. So one night we got trashed and made this video, it’s the worldwide premiere of ‘Srithanu’- please support with your comments and likes because the little Melon is shy and this performance took a lot of encouragement and vodka. Click HD, go fullscreen!

>> well you make a little lotus with a twist in your hips
preach about your crystals, open love, and something…
tantricks! you’re dying to be it.
in your holy house with six walls
school me coz I’m doing it wrong
you’re so guru could you be my muse?

coz it’s easy to figure out
why you boil when i twist and shout
because without me
you can’t look so good.
no it ain’t hard to figure out
why you’re rowing in your round about
because without me
you can’t look so good.

coz you don’t smoke and you don’t drink
but you don’t wanna know
what i think about you, man. what i think about you.
oh your conscious community is like a television show to me
but i still love you I’m talkin to you srithanu.
with your special attitude and all the special things you do
i still love you I’m talkin to you srithanu

well you run a burning stick from your head to your arm
he said that someone told him it’ll keep him from harm
but he goes careless in his walk

so robotic in all his work
but his mirror says mother earth and I’m unlightened
guess i should learn how to fly

well could you lighten up your E-G-O
and leave your people ratings at home I’m just living
you could be living too …
chrous solo fin <<

Posted by Mike Last on Friday, 29 July 2016


This is a track taken from the feature length documentary of Nick Harper – Love is Music. I made this film in 2007 and came across it today while browsing the tube. Also features my daughter Brooke, if you look closely. Love is Music has had almost 60,000 hits now on youtube – amazing. Check out the full movie here

Choose Evolution

Here is a curious little video from 2015 – not one of mine, but I was asked to record the voice-over narrative for those lovely hippies at Agama. You may have seen it on the Lomproyah ferries if you have visited here. Choose Evolution, people ❤️