Open a slippery jar of rhythmic dirtiness and mix it with a yard of astounding guitar skill, add a stroke of silky voice with an occasional rough-cut growl and you have the awesome talent of Roger Styles, an original singer-songwriter hailing from the South-West.

His new EP, named Lead Balloons, a squelch of heartfelt lyrics, intricate melodies and stick-in-your-head riffs, is an homage to the ups and downs of life, and the surprise of things occasionally coming together unexpectedly.

If you like artists such as Bon Iver, Scott Mathews, Radiohead, Elbow and Peter Gabriel, (or even if you’ve never heard of them!) look out for Roger at festivals and music venues throughout the UK this year; find him on iTunes, facebook and twitter; or visit his website

When pressed (literally), Roger describes his music as ‘a milk chocolate car full of grown-up-pop being driven slowly down a gravel driveway’. Make of that what you will, whilst listening to his EP, and eating a biscuit. I suggest a nice Cornish Fairing.

Roger Styles- I wont hold back

Roger Styles – Town Talk