Welcome to the webspace for all things Mike Last – VLOG, Music, and Photo.

I am best known as a singer-guitarist / relentless gigger in the UK since 1993; and as a film maker for various documentaries including the feature-length ‘Love is Music’ about musician Nick Harper. Here is my 2nd VLOG:


I hope you will enjoy your visit, everything here is consumable for free! Please listen to the songs and watch the films – they are all here, representing a portfolio and professional body of work since the 90’s. You can also browse a portfolio of photographs, this is a passion of mine, in harmony with travel and backpacking, exploring and discovering new ideas and cultures. Since 2009 my obsession with cameras, Apple Macs and Music gave birth to a less arty career in e-commerce- if you’d like a peek at this new chapter please check out cashcats.co.uk – meow!

Now traveling, snapping and gigging in South-East Asia, 2017 brings a return to making short music films. On Koh Phangan island I have been blessed to play with the most incredible wealth of talent, a bit like returning to music school. Please check back as I post brand new films throughout the year ❤️