Koh Phangan Back to the Future Vlog 1

Here’s that little film about my eccentric grandad Ken who passed away in 2010; and my beautiful granny Nina who left us in December 2016. 15 minutes of your time is a big ask on the wordwidewibblyweb where everything moves so quickly but I emphatically invite you to watch.

It was a remarkable and beautiful generation of human beings born in the early part of the 20th century- if Ken was alive now he would have just celebrated his 100th birthday, so it’s a kind of multiple significance for this moment in 2017. It marks my return to film making, at least in the sense that i am doing it for love and passion and for the creativity, not for a music project but to find my contemporary voice as a story teller. Nina has been so much in my mind lately so it was amazing to share this extra time with her. Blessed I am now, to share this time and video with you. Subtitles are for my non-english friends 🙂

Thanks to Su who was part of the family on that day 26th November 2003 when we captured this moment. It is from a home video that this short film is compiled- Ken was 86 then, the same age as Nina when she passed. Thanks also to my friend Hamsa for infinite reasons that helped guide me towards this new expression, and Casey Neistat.

It’s the first in a new collection of YouTube videos, which I hope will chronicle my weird and colourful experiences past, present and future. If you watch, please feel free to share, and I would love if you leave a comment and / or subscribe to my YouTube channel here youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=mikeylast and ‘like’ the facebook page here facebook.com/mikelastfilm/. Most of my ‘crafty productions’ back catalogue is also there on the channel. Oh- apologies for the Lo-Fi old video tape footage, contrasting with the crisp shiny digital vlog sharing the same timeline! Thanks so much for stopping by 😃 Peace & love as always ❤️

Dedicated to my mum x