Melody Shaiken – New Talent!

Hey you beautiful people, check out this amazingly talented, fun, beautiful and awesome hippy artist chick BFF MELODY SHAIKEN – we had such fun doing this song.

This is Melody. Melody is brand new. She didn’t show her songs to anyone before, except a few lucky friends like me. So one night we got trashed and made this video, it’s the worldwide premiere of ‘Srithanu’- please support with your comments and likes because the little Melon is shy and this performance took a lot of encouragement and vodka. Click HD, go fullscreen!

>> well you make a little lotus with a twist in your hips
preach about your crystals, open love, and something…
tantricks! you’re dying to be it.
in your holy house with six walls
school me coz I’m doing it wrong
you’re so guru could you be my muse?

coz it’s easy to figure out
why you boil when i twist and shout
because without me
you can’t look so good.
no it ain’t hard to figure out
why you’re rowing in your round about
because without me
you can’t look so good.

coz you don’t smoke and you don’t drink
but you don’t wanna know
what i think about you, man. what i think about you.
oh your conscious community is like a television show to me
but i still love you I’m talkin to you srithanu.
with your special attitude and all the special things you do
i still love you I’m talkin to you srithanu

well you run a burning stick from your head to your arm
he said that someone told him it’ll keep him from harm
but he goes careless in his walk

so robotic in all his work
but his mirror says mother earth and I’m unlightened
guess i should learn how to fly

well could you lighten up your E-G-O
and leave your people ratings at home I’m just living
you could be living too …
chrous solo fin <<

Posted by Mike Last on Friday, 29 July 2016