Mike Last @ Mr Kyps – Chris Male Review

Derrin Nauendorf Band + Mike Last + Susy Thomas 20/07/06

A hot sticky evening maybe but such an electrifying evening with two artists I have seen before. But the artist new to me provided such a wonderful set and seeing the audience response to Susy Thomas I know I was not alone in feeling I had seen something special. All her own songs

with such maturity for someone so young. The Round provides an intimate feeling and Susy’s playing and voice were what made it into an unforgettable evening. So much so that I purchased her CD the following morning. I can only suggest to those who enjoyed the evening as much as I did go and buy it – you will not be disappointed. I just hope that we will have another opportunity to see and hear Susy in the Round before the inevitable stardom arrives.

Poor Mike Last having to follow such a performance. But his performance was excellent, he has such a infectious personality and got the audience on his side with a powerful set, although indicating a reluctance to perform for the first time a new song, I don”t think anyone was fooled that he was happy with the reaction.

Derrin Nauendorf yet again gave an impeccable set, the addition of the band gives another dimension to the power of his talents. I met someone who caught the last two minutes of his appearance in the Square and felt he had to see him again and was so impressed. The talent of Derrin has been recognised by Bob Harris on his Saturday night radio show, playing some tracks over the last couple of weeks. The energy and power of the performance were influencing the audience in such a positive manner. Having seen Derrin on his last few visits it was great to hear the introduction of newly written songs. He said he is back in November – I will be there to see him as well as probably everyone else who witnessed another excellent set.