Is it real or is it dust…

It’s been a while since I have blogged about anything of true meaning, instead meandering on the perimeter of minor events and circumstance. this is my tendency, to flit between one creative endeavor to another, never really settling on a destination – rather just enjoying the journey for a bit. and that was much of 2007 and the total of 2008 so far.

so now it is time for an adventure, a proper adventure. the plans for it have been bubbling away just below the surface since earlier in the year and its all starting to take shape ready for the looming 2009. this is going to be a good year, its unavoidable. a few kind friends here and there have encouraged a change by generously opening some interesting doors, new york, poole, dover, stoke gabriel, some of these things you will have read about in previous blogs or even seen plastered up on the news page like neon – flashing in a concrete jungle. but in essence its all about people. people are my career and i cant get to them unless i break away from the devon routine.

About one in five of my gigs takes place in what remains of the british night circuit, the social arena where happy people do funny things in silly ways, and everybody gets a bit involved. one in five. the rest – well you know the story, credit crunch, home entertainment, digital age, nicotine addiction/ exclusion, busy lives, chasing the penny, the british have mostly become a bit too british! and I dont think that i am essentially very UK these days. thats not to say that i do not feel heritage and pride flowing through these veins, i”m just a little stunted by britains lack of growth. and i’m not helping that. so its time to feel the love again, definitely time! i’m genetically italian, british, and scottish. but i’m feeling spanish, french and indian. these are worlds in which i am floating unawares, while they surround me in quiet background noise, whispers, incantation.

And lets not underestimate the seriousness of the mediocre weather. cheers god! it is not without a reason that i don’t use capitol letters very often.

I’m stepping into a brighter day.. want to take a ride?