Birthday on Koh Phangan

10873360_10152856961985589_2648213393331061333_oIt feels like I should write something. Sometimes it
seems easy and equally difficult to open up and express what is inside, but its worth a go 🙂 Another year has passed and again full of change and diversity, new thoughts and experiences, discoveries and happiness, questions, perception and clarity. But was it really a year- those days that filled that year seemed more like infinite moments rather than sundays and mondays. This time in 2013 I was offering thanks to the people around me at the close of a big chapter in life- though now it seems less like part of a story; instead- just moments. Our choices are perhaps shaped a little, or a lot by the people around us- so again i want to say thanks to you all for sharing and inspiring all these infinite moments.

I have been on the island 4 weeks now and more intensely than usual it all seems brand new. Of course I have my own focus, priorities and goals, things that take time to achieve- always trying to remember that the road is only a journey, not a destination; and that there is only now. Every day here, yoga and great friends help to breathe young life into my body & soul and the environment is a perfect ground for reversing the ageing process- i recommend it with all my heart. And now- the sun is shining, the sea is whispering a few metres from this bungalow, friends are all around and it’s definitely some kind of paradise. The coconut shakes definitely help. 6 weeks remain, then back to another paradise, though i guess the reason i am here now is to help make sense of that crazy & turbulent life in the UK. I’m working on a plan to be free from all the responsibilities and expectations around me in Exeter but again- its just moments, so if we all live in those minutes and seconds to the best of our ability then it doesn’t really matter if you are in paradise, cos its in you, right?

Lol. I don’t usually drone on in such an esoteric or philosophical manner so apologies to any of my friends who feel short-changed after spending so long reading this. Marianne might post a message asking if i have been on the vodka (not since the UK). Romin might be in flux- between this world and that, and probably 50 others. Sarah might take something and put it into a song. My family will be happy, because I am. Andy might remind me that i need to get back to play music. Helen will take it all with a pinch of salt, because she knows my head is in the stars. Many friends might share in the love i have for these moments, others will wonder what planet i am on. I am most certainly right here, right now. So today, just like every day…… thank you. See you soon xxx