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Mike Last @ Molloys – What’s on Southwest review

18th September 2005

Molloys is the definitive Torbay Pub. It has all of the ingredients you would expect, including the essential weekly live music menu. What was great about this week’s blackboard special was that it was just that – live music. There are only a handful of performers left in the bay content, with the simplicity of acoustic guitar and vocals, and to be honest it is refreshing to know that not everybody needs a karaoke machine.

Tonight’s performance was relaxed, spontaneous and unpredictable. That is to say that the song choices seemed completely impromptu, with some keen interaction from the crowd who were eager to test the performer’s repertoire. What’s particularly impressive is the passion Mike has for what he does. Choosing to play less frequently and more exclusively than most is possibly the key to harnessing such passion.

He is definitely not shy when it comes to holding debates with the audience between songs, which makes for a very cosy, informal evening. ‘It’s really a dream come true. Having the opportunity to connect with a room-full of people with just a guitar and a voice is quite special, you never really quite get used to it. Molloys has a unique atmosphere. It’s like ‘Cheers’ with live music. Everybody knows your name, and the crowd has discerning and varied musical taste. They’re really into it.’

This is a musician who carefully selects unusual and challenging songs to cover, and mixes in a quality selection of original compositions. Such a cocktail adds unique flavor to an emotive performance. Another Must-see from What’s on Southwest!

Mike Last Editorial- Herald Express 2004

David Lowe

Mike is a man of very many parts – Film maker shows his mettle!

THOSE of you who read my article last week about the charity CD being produced locally in aid of Devon Air Ambulance, may have spotted a passing reference to Mike Last and his fly-on-the-wall documentary. Mike, a graduate in film,

and media, has recently launched a video production company called, and he’s currently following on camera, the daily developments surrounding the making of the CD. However, Mike Last’s talents don’t end there, not by a long chalk. Many local live music fans will know he has been a prominent figure in the Torbay scene for some time.

In fact, guitarist/vocalist Mike has been working the clubs and pubs around South Devon, and beyond, since 1998.

Prior to that, he spent five Years gigging across London and across Europe. I met up with mike recently, and he was keen to point out that he’s one of the few, if not the only local entertainer to be performing completely live with no backing whatsoever.

Mike says “This makes the show very versatile, spontaneous and interactive, bearing in mind the unusually wide range of material I cover.” He’s been causing a bit of a stir on the local live music circuit in recent weeks. And to underline the point, he returns by public demand to the Spinning Wheel in Paignton on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile, any bookers, venue proprietors or event organizers who would like more information on Mike’s availability as either a solo performer, video production executive, should email

Mike Last editorial – Herald Express 2003

David Lowe

From graphic designer, to disc jockey, then onto live music as one half of the duo Don’t Panic, followed by a solo career which continues to go from strength to strength.. and all this in less than six years. Quite how local vocalist Mike Last (pictured) has crammed so much into so little time, beats me, because he has also been studying for a BA (Hons) Media Arts degree at Brunel University, and on April 6 this year he became a dad for the first time. And all that on top of a recent 15-week apres-ski engagement in France!

Far from exhausted, though, Mike is still working at full-tilt, and to prove the point. he can be seen in action at The Old Mill In Belgrave Road. Torquay tonight, plus The Roundhouse in Paignton tomorrow. Then it’s oft to London for a couple of weekend engagements, before returning home for a gig at Rococo”s on Tuesday evening. Mike”s repertoire contains hundreds of songs… from Beatles, stones and Dylan. to a variety of emotively delivered original songs.